Disinfection Houston

By Air Quality Express Inc.


Residential Disinfection Houston

Residential Disinfection

Now more than ever, the cleanliness of your home is paramount; and if someone in your home has been sick, whether with the flu or COVID-19, there’s no telling what rooms or surfaces might be contaminated by airborne pathogens.

Commercial Disinfection Houston

Commercial Disinfection

Need Commercial disinfection in Houston? Call the antimicrobial disinfection professionals at Air Quality Express and schedule an appointment today. Call (832) 781-0105 today and experience the peace of mind of total disinfection.

air quality testing Houston

Air Quality Testing

With over 10 years of experience performing indoor air quality testing, Air Quality Express follows a very thorough procedure for air quality inspection. Our licensed technicians identify every avenue of possible poor air quality sources.

Why Do I Need Disinfection Houston Cleaning Services?

In the wake of COVID-19, disinfection Houston services are now a necessity and requirement in many places. Never before in recent history has hygiene been such a hot topic. Whether it’s the COVID-19 virus or other generally-occurring bacteria and contaminants, we now live in a world where maintaining optimum hygienic standards is a requirement. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Air Quality Express is an expert in disinfection Houston services. Our trained cleaning and sanitizing professionals use advanced techniques and processes to ensure your home is 100% sanitized and disinfected. By why is this important?

In this day and age of communicable illnesses and airborne diseases, disinfection Houston services are the best way to ensure your homes and business are safe. A disinfectant cleanup process focuses on all surfaces, whether they are usually touched or not. The goal is to eradicate any potentially hazardous bacteria, viruses, and contaminants from the premises. Our disinfection Houston services differ from regular cleaning and sanitization services that are geared towards the eradication of up to 99.9% of all dangerous microbes, contaminants, and bacteria that exist on surfaces and which are a potential health risk.

Additionally, whether its COVID-19 cleaning services in Houston, professional disinfecting Houston services are an important part of the recovery and restoration process in the event of a flood,  a fire, storm, or any incident that causes a potential health threat. 

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My uncle had his house for over 15 years and never had professionals clean his air duct. My cousin and I had been telling him how crucial it is to have it inspected and cleaned however he always ignored it. Until he recently started feeling the air was getting heavier to breathe and our aunt started a real bad allergy, especially when she came home. Anyway, Air Quality Express was recommended to us by a great friend who had a lot of good things to say about them. Oh man, you have no idea the things they pulled out of his air duct. I am not gonna gross anyone out here, and so won’t go in detail. All I can say is that now 3 weeks into the cleaned Air duct process by Air Quality Express my aunt's allergy is pretty much completely gone and the air in the house is completely fresh and easy to breathe. Thank goodness we had them do this amazing cleaning job. Thank you, Judah and your amazing crew!


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